Cleaning dentures

Proper Denture Care and Maintenance

We are asked to do a lot of denture repairs at our Edmonton clinic. In some cases, repairs are a normal part of dentures maintenance. Modifications may be required, some dentures may require adjusting, or the dentures themselves have aged and need some fixing up. Occasionally, repairs are the result of improper care.

Here are 5 important steps to follow every day for the proper care of your dentures.

  1. Remove your dentures. It is a good idea to remove and rinse dentures after eating throughout the day, and before going to bed.
  2. Brush dentures. Use a denture cleaning solution and a denture brush at least once a day. Cleansers and cleaning solutions come in the form of pastes, gels, powders and creams. Always ensure that the cleaning solution matches the intended purpose. Note that these products should not be used in the mouth, while you are wearing your dentures.
  3. Soak dentures. There are two reasons why it is important to soak your full, fixed or removable bridge dentures:
    • Odour. Soaking dentures in water containing a mild overnight cleanser gets rid of the bacteria that can cause persistent odour.
    • Shape. Some dentures have to remain moist in order to keep their shape. Soak them in a drinking glass or special dentures container overnight.
  4. Be careful when handling your dentures. When you are brushing your dentures, make sure you don’t bend or break any clasps, wires or brackets.
  5. Book regular checkups with your Edmonton denture specialist. This is especially important to do if there is any tenderness or swelling in your mouth that could be caused by ill-fitting dentures.

The Importance of Caring for Your Natural Teeth

If you have a fixed bridge or a removable partial denture, then it’s very important that you continue to care for your natural teeth properly. If you don’t, two major problems can arise:

  • You can get gum disease, which causes swelling and bleeding along the gum line. If this happens, your fixed or removable bridge might not fit the way it’s supposed to.
  • If your natural teeth have any decay, they might not be strong enough to hold in place your removable bridge.

Make sure you keep a nightly cleaning routine for your natural teeth which includes brushing and flossing. Choose healthy, low-sugar snacks to thwart decay-causing bacteria.

Get Dentures That Fit Right

At Millwoods Denture Clinic, our priority is to stand apart from all the other Edmonton denture clinics in providing a positive experience for all our patients. If you have further questions about how to care for your dentures or if you’re ready for an updated look, please contact us. You’ll be glad that you did.