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At Millwoods Denture Clinic, we have been helping patients in Edmonton and the surrounding area receive expert care for their dentures. Our blog offers information to help you and your family make sound health care decisions.

  • 19/05/2017
    Dentures of the 21st Century: How are they created?

    Did you know that George Washington famously sported a set of dentures made from lead, human teeth and elephant ivory? Needless to say that denture technology in the 21st century has made astronomical advancements. More durable, stable and form-fitting than ever before, modern dentures are just about the next best thing to your natural teeth. They improve the quality of your health and the beauty of your smile, while restoring your ability to eat and speak with ease.

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  • 07/12/2016
    FAQ: Answers to Common Denture Implant Questions

    Denture implants are a solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth by attaching a denture to a titanium root that is implanted into the jawbone. Though denture implants from an Edmonton denturist come with numerous benefits, there is still much about them that many people considering their tooth replacement options do not know.

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  • 25/11/2016
    What to Bring to Your Denture Consultation

    Dentures will break, even the best-fitted, highest quality ones. Sometimes it’s the result of an accident, sometimes it’s wear and tear over time and sometimes it’s the lack of stability that comes with progressive bone loss and a shrinking jaw.

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  • 24/11/2016
    Proper Denture Care and Maintenance

    We are asked to do a lot of denture repairs at our Edmonton clinic. In some cases, repairs are a normal part of dentures maintenance. Modifications may be required, some dentures may require adjusting, or the dentures themselves have aged and need some fixing up. Occasionally, repairs are the result of improper care.

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