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Find the Perfect Fit with Hard and Soft Denture Relines in Edmonton

Because your gums and jaw bone will shrink naturally as you age, your dentures will need adjustments from time to time to ensure a proper, comfortable fit. Even gaining or losing weight can have an adverse effect upon your dentures’ fit because they need to rest tightly up against your gum tissue. The most effective way to adjust your dentures is with a denture reline, which is a simple procedure that involves reshaping the material that’s used to line your dentures against your gums. Denture relines also aid in proper nutrition and health, while allowing your dentures to last longer. Whether you need a hard or soft denture reline in Edmonton, rely upon Millwoods Denture Clinic to get the job done satisfactorily. It should be noted that a proper denture reline should not alter your dentures’ appearance or functionality.

Hard Denture Relines
Hard denture relines are typically conducted every two years on complete dentures. Our denturist will remove some of the plastic from your dentures’ inside and then create a new impression for your dentures using putty. A hard reline allows us to repair your dentures without having to start over completely from scratch. Hard denture relines typically last longer than soft denture relines. However, a laboratory reline (which allows us to process and cure your dentures’ plastic) is recommended for the longest-lasting type of reline available.

Soft Denture Relines
If gum sensitivity is an issue (especially after eating), soft denture relines involve replacing the normal pink acrylic denture material with a softer material that’s less likely to cause the wearer sore spots in his or her gums. While this material can likely last a year or two before it will need replacing, be aware that soft relines generally require more regular adjustments than hard relines. However, it should be noted that many denture wearers prefer soft relines because they often require less time to complete and tend to be slightly more comfortable.

Benefits of a Denture Reline

Whether you opt for a hard or soft denture reline, there are many benefits of getting a reline done, including:

  • Your relined denture should stay in better for a better fit
  • Helps restore density and shape to your jaw bone after tooth loss
  • A denture reline can help repair a cracked denture in some cases
  • A denture reline is usually cheaper than a denture replacement

Schedule Your Next Denture Reline

Unfortunately, dentures are not indestructible – they require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them at their best. You should have your dentures checked at least once every two years to ensure a proper fit. Call or email Millwoods Denture Clinic to discuss all your soft and hard denture relines in Edmonton. We’d be more than happy to go over all of the differences and benefits between the two types of relines to determine which is better for your specific denture needs. We also offer emergency same-day denture repairs with walk-ins accepted.


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